The National Customs Agency gives you the opportunity to signal for offences of customs officers throughout the country to the telephone and fax number indicated below. They are only intended for receiving signals for offences commited by customs officers.
         Such signals can be sent also via the designated mailing boxes placed in any customs office as well as in written form either to the Heads of Customs Houses or to the Director General of the National Customs Agency.
         In all cases of sending signals in one of the above-mentioned ways, please, provide your name (s) and correct address for follow-up. In the absence of this informayion, the signal shall be deemed anonymous. pursuant to  Art. 111, para. 4 of the Administrative Procedure Code: "No proceeding shall be instituted on anonymous proposals or alerts, as well as on alerts concerning violations committed before a period exceeding two years."

    24 - hour line:

    Answering machine: 00359 2 9859 4499

    Fax: 00359 2 9859 4069



    02 9859 4620 Sofia Regional Customs Directorate 

       082 81 62 30 Rousse Regional Customs Directorate

         056 87 62 07 Bourgas Regional Customs Directorate

     052 60 57 31 Varna Regional Customs Directorate

             032 60 62 74 Plovdiv Regional Customs Directorate