Security Unit

The Security Unit is organized in a department which is directly subordinate to the Agency's Director.


The Security Unit assists the head of the department in fulfillment of his duties as it shall:

1. follow up the compliance of the provisions of the Law on Classified Information and of the international contracts in relation to the classified information protection;

2. apply the rules in respect to the types of classified information;

3. develop a plan for  protection by physical and technical means and follow up its fulfillment;

4. make periodic checks of accountability and document flow;

5. realize the procedure of the ordinary examination under Art. 47 of the Law on classified information protection and keep a register of the persons examined;

6. follow up the correct definition of the level of classification of the information in the Agency;

7. develop a plan for protection of the classified information during wartime situation, military state or another state of emergency;

8. organize and conduct the training of staff of the Agency in the field of classified information protection;

9. take part in the development of a plan for crisis management;

10. take part in the development of a plan for protection from disasters;

11. assist in the work of the Security Council, crisis management and the protection of the population from disasters, emergencies and catastrophies in the Central Customs Directorate;

12.  make offers in respect to the planning and allocation of budgetary means for providing the security of information, crisis management, protection from emergencies and defense - mobilisational preparation;

13.  organize and take part in the preparation of reports and information for the condition and activity on providing the information security, crisis management, protection from emergencies and defense - mobilisational preparation;

14.  organize, provide and control the protective and admissive regime in the Central Customs Directorate of the National Customs Agency;

15. organize the development, maintenance and repair and exercise control in the use of the technical means for protection, fire-alarm, fire-extinguishing and video monitoring;

16.  perform also other tasks, incurring from the normative acts, related to the defense -mobilisational preparation, crisis management as well as to the protection of the classified information.

 The Security Unit keeps a register of the classified information and is responsible for the duly creation, processing, archiving and handover of classified information.