861 kg of drugs were burned under the control of the Customs Agency



861 kg of narcotic drugs were destroyed in the period 20-21 April 2017.

479 kilograms of marijuana, 209 kilos of heroin, 54 kilos of ecstasy, 107 kilos of amphetamines, 1 kilogram of cocaine, and 11 kilos of other drugs in a total of over 890 criminal proceedings were burned. The total value of the destroyed drugs at "black market" prices is about BGN 68 million.

Only narcotic substances for which convictions have been enforced or for which procuroral decrees have been issued are subject to destruction. Narcotics are detained by the Customs Agency and the Ministry of Police.

For seventeen years the Customs Agency organized and performed 56 procedures destruction of drugs to total more than 37.9 tons. The previous destruction of drugs was three months ago.