Officials from Kalotina Customs Point detained 5 tons of acetic anhydride - a precursor for heroin production



5 tonnes of acetic anhydride - a precursor for heroin production were detained by customs officials of Kalotina Customs Point. This is the largest quantity retained at the border this year.

On 02.08.2017 the evening truck with Croatian registration was stopped for check on entering the country. The truck was driven by a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to documents, he carried 32 pallets of solar panels manufactured by a Croatian company destined for a recipient in Turkey.

During the inspection, customs officers noticed that there was a product of unusual density in the truck's bodywork. 5 plastic containers are found in the cargo space of the truck between the solar panels. The five containers have a capacity of 1000 liters each and they were filled with a colorless liquid of vinegar odor. Laboratory samples showed that the substance found was acetic anhydride with a total weight of 5000 liters.

A pre-trial proceeding on the inventory of the Metropolitan Customs House was initiated under the supervision of the Prosecutor's Office - Sofia. The driver was detained for 72 hours by a prosecution order.

2 tonnes of heroin totaling more than 180 million BGN can be produced from the retained 5 tonnes of acetic anhydride.

This is the largest amount of acetic anhydride retained by Bulgarian customs this year. The total quantity of acetic anhydride retained by the Bulgarian customs authorities in 2017, including the last case, is 10 623 liters in five cases. Attempts to traffic the precursor across Bulgaria are a new trend since more than ten years of such contraband was absent from Bulgarian borders.