Inspectors from Rousse Customs House hold 2 tons of marked fuel in a minibus



Inspectors from the "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" Department  of Russe Customs House seized a van carrying 2000 liters of fuel without documents. The petroleum product has a marker for marine fuel. This has established the inspection of customs inspectors.

The van was stopped for inspection on 05.08.2017 in the area of Osenets village, Razgrad district. In the cargo retreat of the vehicle, customs officers discovered two plastic one-tonne containers filled with a blue oil smell of petroleum product.

The driver could not provide fuel documents. The minibus and the containers with the excise goods were detained in Rousse Customs House. An act of administrative violation will be filed against the driver under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act. This will be the second administrative penalty for him within one month. Recently same vehicle driven by the same driver was stopped while trying to carry a similar amount marked fuel without documents. Since a car is registered with a third party, it has been returned to the driver. Immediately thereafter, the driver engaged in the same illegal activity.