Inspectors from Lom Customs House hold nearly 60 kg of tobacco in 3 separate cases


Inspectors from Lom Customs House retained a total of 60 kg of tobacco of unknown origin and no excise duty paid. The total amount is a result of active actions of customs officers in which are formed three preliminary investigations against three different offenders within ten days.

The largest amount of tobacco (37,500 kg) was discovered in Byala Slatina on August 7, 2017, during the inspection of Opel Astra car moving along "Coastline" Street. In the boot and in the car compartment, the customs inspectors from the Operational Control Department found 4 black plastic bags containing a total of 299 small packs of different cuts of smoking tobacco.

Other 16 kg of tobacco were found on 07/29/2017 at checking the man of the municipal market in the town Krivodol. The produce has been cut and packaged in small cuts, ready for retail sale.

On 01.08.2017, customs inspectors of the Operational Control Sector of Lom Customs House carried out a check in a private property in the village of Dobrolevo, Vratsa district. 280 cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise band and 5,650 kg of smoking tobacco, also without a Bulgarian excise label, were discovered during the inspection.

Formed in all three cases  investigations are conducted by investigators customs inspectors in Lom Customs House.