Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint found 31 020 pieces smuggled cigarettes in the minibus



New case of attempted carrying 1551 boxes 31 020 pieces smuggled cigarettes prevented  by Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint, together with Border Police officers.

The smuggled cigarettes were found of a minibus with Iraqi registration, traveling from Turkey to England, via Bulgaria. The minibus arrived at Kapitan Andreevo BCP on 06.09.2017, driven by a  Iraqi citizen. In the car traveled his wife and their four children. The spouses did  not  declare any goods, precious metals or currency. Customs officers selected the car for customs inspection. During the inspection customs officers found hidden tobaccos in all possible natural cavities of the vehicle - in the seats, doors, fenders and in the battery. Cigarettes are also found in the luggage of the passengers, and in X-ray radiation - and in the ceiling of the van. The detained tobacco products total 1551 boxes of the brand „ММ special slims".  

The cigarettes and the minibus were seized. A statement for violation of the Law on Customs was issued againts the driver.