More than half a ton of undeclared household and laundry detergents in a car were found by customs and border officers at Lesovo


Undeclared 419 detergents, softeners, shampoos and others household preparations with a total weight of more than half a ton were found by customs and border officers at Lesovo border checkpoint from in car with a Bulgarian registration traveled from Turkey to Bulgaria on October 5, 2017 in the morning. Customs and border officers at Lesovo BCP have carried out a joint inspection of the vehicle at the request of the Border Police officers. During the inspection, they found in the boot of the car and bags in the car the undeclared household and laundry detergents-a total of 419 laundry detergents from different brands and in different packages, softeners, shampoos, aromatic waters and other household preparations. Over 514 kg of smuggled goods were seized. It was found that they were owned by one of the passengers in the car. Against the violator, a Bulgarian citizen with an address registered in Razgrad District, was issued an act under the Law on Customs.