Contraband gold jewelry seized by Customs officers at Lesovo border checkpoint


Smuggled gold products with a value of BGN 60 541.76 were seized by customs and border guards at Lesovo border checkpoint in two separate inspections. The undeclared a total of 890.32 grams of gold jewelry were found in the clothes of a Turkish citizen, a truck driver and in a lady's bag of a Bulgarian citizen, a passenger in a car. Smuggled gold products will be confiscated for the benefit of the state. In one case, the truck with Turkish registration arrived at Lesovo BCP on November 5, 2017 transporting textiles and other goods from Turkey to Hungary and Poland. At the Bulgarian Customs Point, the vehicle was selected for inspection by Customs Mobile Groups. During the inspection 5 packages were found in the pockets of the driver's jacket. The packages contain a total of 736.32 grams of yellow and white gold jewelry. In driver's cabin were found and 150 boxes of cigarettes "Karelia OME" without excise labels. For the smuggled cigarettes, an act for violation of the Law of Customs was issued against the truck driver, a Turkish citizen. For the undeclared gold of BGN 50,069.76, according to expert assessment, a pre-trial proceeding was instituted against the Turkish citizen under the supervision of the District Prosecution Office Yambol. At another case at Lesovo border checkpoint, 154 grams of smuggled gold jewelry worth BGN 10 472 were found in pockets of clothes and a ladies' bag of a Bulgarian citizen. She has traveled in a car with a Bulgarian registration from Turkey to Bulgaria.