Customs officers found smuggled cigarettes on a bus with passengers


500 boxes /10 000 pieces / of smuggled cigarettes were seized by customs and border officers at Lesovo border checkpoint in factory cavities under the seats of a bus with Bulgarian registration, with passengers. The bus arrived at Lesovo BCP on 10.01.2018 at 00.20 hours from Turkey. The driver and all passengers on the bus said they had nothing to declare. During the customs check of the bus, customs officers found a total of 500 boxes of Karelia Slims cigarettes without excise labels in the factory cavities under the seats in the front of the bus. One of the passengers on the bus, Bulgarian citizen with initials М.Д. recognized that the cigarettes are its. An act under the Customs Act was drawn up against the offender. Another 190 boxes / 3800 pieces / of smuggled cigarettes were found the same day in the driver's cab of a truck driven by a Turkish citizen, transporting merchandise from Turkey to an EU country through Bulgaria. The truck was selected for inspection by a team of mobile customs group. In the driver's cab, customs officers found undeclared a total of 190 boxes of cigarettes with trademarks "L & M", "Karelia Ome", "EVE", "Muratti". Against the truck driver was issued an act under the Law on Customs.