Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP found smuggled perfumes and shoes in a secret compartment of a bus



Customs officers and  Border Police officers at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint seized 1622 smuggled perfumes and140  shoes.

On 30.01.2018 a bus, with Turkish registration, аrrives at Kapitan Andreevo BCP, entering the country from Turkey. The driver and passengers declare perfume and shoes with the logos of various world famous brands .The goods were seized under Regulation (EC) No 608. The bus was selected for  X-ray inspection. During the customs check of the bus, customs officers found in a special secret compartment, hidden 1622 perfumes and 140 sports shoes,  with the logos of various world famous brands most of which „Chanel", „Dior", „Pako Rabane", „Armani", „Lancome" и „Nike","New Balance".

Against the truck driver was issued an two acts under the Law on Customs.