Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint seized 6 kg of substance for sexual potency declared as animal feed


6 kg of a medicinal product for sexual potency declared as animal feed were seized by customs and border officers at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint. The Illegal drug substance was carrying by Turkish citizen with a car.
The car with Turkish registration arrived at the Malko Tarnovo Customs Point about 20 am on 08.02.2018 in the direction from Bulgaria to Turkey. The driver has declared that he is carrying a package with animal feed. He has shown an invoice worth 6 euros. During the customs inspection of the vehicle, customs officers have doubted the composition of the substance in the package. The package with the substance he was detained for laboratory analysis.
According to the results of the expertise carried out at the Central Customs Laboratory of the Customs Agency, the identified a substance in the package is Tadalafil- pure substance which is used as an active substance in medicinal products for erectile dysfunction in men.
Against the Turkish citizen with initials K.K. was issued an act for violation of the Law of Customs.