Customs officers at Lesovo border checkpoint found smuggled currency and gold jewelry


A smuggling currency with equivalent of BGN 47 162 and 320 grams of gold jewelry were seized by Customs and Border officers at Lesovo border checkpoint.
The currency and gold products were found by Customs officers when checking a car with a Romanian registration, driven by a Turkish citizen. The car arrived at the Bulgarian customs office in direction from Turkey to Bulgaria on March 11, 2018 at about 4 pm. The driver and his passenger have said they have nothing to declare. During the customs inspection of the vehicle, Customs officers found 320 grams of gold jewelry in a jacket in the backseat. In a handbag and in a bag in the car were found 18 038 Romanian lei, 14 760 Turkish liras, 14 175 Euro, 2 400 British pounds and 150 Swiss francs in various denominations with a total equivalent of BGN 47 162. It was found that undeclared currency and gold items are owned by the driver of the car - a Turkish citizen with H.S. initials. An act for violation according to the Currency Law has been drawn up against the offender. The undeclared currency and gold jewelry were detained and will be confiscated
in favor of the state.