Customs of Burgas sell over 33 000 liters of alcohol by auction


Customs of Burgas announced a tender procedure for sale of 33 538 liters of ethyl alcohol for processing. This alcohol was retained by customs officers during inspections and was confiscated in favor of the State with effective administrative penal proceedings.
The tender was announced on the basis of the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act to dispose of excise goods that have been seized and abandoned in favor of the State. Only warehousekeepers licensed under the Act may participate in the auction.
The ethyl alcohol is divided into 114 items with different alcohol content. A deposit of 10% of the initial auction price is paid for participation in the auction. The total starting price of the quantity is 8 556, 92 BGN. Tenders may be submitted to the customs office of Customs of Burgas from 16.04.2018 to 19.04.2018. The selection of the offers will take place on 20.04.2018.
The full information for the auction is announced on a data board in Customs Bourgas, as well as on the website of the Customs Agency