Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized a large quantity smuggled of gold coins


Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized 312 coins of 22-carat gold.
The gold found in a car brand „Mercedes" entering the country from Turkey on May 11, 2018. In the car, they traveled a family - a man, a woman and their son, English citizens of Turkish descent who said they did not carry goods or currency valuables for declaring. During the inspection customs officers found hidden in a drawer, in one of the front seats of coins of yellow metal. According to the expert estimation gold coins with total of the 2184 g are worth BGN 140 278. The smuggled gold jewelry were confiscated. A pre-court proceeding has been initiated in the case.

Just a day before, customs officials at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP found  1,714 kg of gold coins and  jewelry two cases. In one case, 40 gold coins, golden bracelets and necklaces weighing 370 grams were found during the inspection of a passenger car entering Turkey. The gold products were hidden among the vehicle's personal belongings. In the second case, 1,344 kg of used gold products were found, again hidden in a suitcase with personal luggage in  the driver of the car that traveled from Turkey through Bulgaria to Germany. The smuggled  gold products  seized. The offenders  were sanctioned according to the Monetary Law.