Customs officers at Kapitan Petko voivoda border checkpoint seized nearly 26 500 undeclared textile products and sneakers


Customs officers from department Customs Investigation and Intelligence of the Plovdiv Customs House seized nearly 26 500 undeclared textile products and sneakers. The textile products and sneakers were found in the truck traveling from Greece through Bulgaria on 04 June 2018. The driver, a Turkish citizen, has submitted documents for the transport of used personal possessions with destination Germany. Customs officers selected the truck for X-ray control. During the physical examination customs officers found factory packed  26 413 T-shirts, underwear and sneakers, hidden behind aluminum doors, joinery and laminate flooring. They all  have the logo of 29  world-famous brands, including  „Boss", „Gucci", „Adidas", „Philip Plein", „Givenchi", „Armani".The goods were seized. Work on the case continues.