Customs and borders officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized thousands of fake perfumes, accessories and sneakers


Customs and borders officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized 2631 perfumes, accessories and sneakers with the logo word famous brands. The goods were found in the Turkish bus entering the country from Turkey. One of the passengers declared to customs officers that they bought the perfumes, accessories and sneakers from the Istanbul market for gifts to their friends but did not know they were imitation of world-famous brands. During the inspection the customs officers found 1407  perfume and toilet waters with the logo of 10 different world brands majority of which of brands „Chanel", „Armani", „Paco Rabanne", 364 hats and 548  belts majority of which of  brands „Gucci". Customs officers were found among the fake goods, another 280 bags and pencil cases which of  brand  „Louis Vuitton"  and 32 pairs of sport shoes with the logo „Nike".

In compliance with EU Regulation No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Law on Brands and Geographic Indications, the products were seized and the rights owners of the relevant brands will be informed about the seizure.