Customs officers at TD Sofia Customs were seized over 100 kg of marijuana

104. 5 kg of marijuana were seized by the customs officers from MP Kalotina and the Department 
"Fight against Drug Trafficking" at Sofia Customs.
On 08. 08. 2022 at MP Kalotina the customs inspectors stopped for a thorough customs inspection a truck - tractor-trailer combination, driven by S. B. , Turkish citizen. According to the documents, the truck is carrying metal products to Turkey.
The truck was selected for an X-ray inspection. During a physical inspection, the customs officers noticed that the rope of the trailer had been manipulated, and upon opening the trailer itself, they found 3 boxes filled with multiple packages wrapped in transparent film and covered with duct tape.
After opening one of the packages, the customs inspectors found a green herbaceous mass, which reacted positively to marijuana in a field drug test.
The total amount of marijuana seized by the customs officers was 104,530 kg, distributed in 100 packages.
Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case under the supervision of Sofia District Prosecutor's Office.

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