Thousands of fake of textiles and shoes seized customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo BCP

Customs officers from Territorial directorate Yuzhna Morska (TD) seized nearly 11 000 textile products and 122 sports shoes and slippers with of logo world famous brands.
The smuggled goods were transported with a truck with Romanian registration, traveled from Turkey to Romania. The truck is selected for customs inspection. During the inspection customs officers found in the truck 5225 T-shirts with the logo of 16 world-famous brands, including "Scarface", "Calven Clein", "Disney" and 2230 jerseys with the logo of "Scarface". The inspections were discovered more 2480 shorts and shorts, most of them with "Philip Plein", "Tommy Hilfiger", "Puma", 520 sports kits with inscriptions "Nike" and "Adidas", 475 shirts and jeans with word depictions "Armany," "Gucci," "Boss," as well as sweatshirts with logo " Disney", printed with an image of the popular cartoon character Micky Mause.
Since the beginning of June, the customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo have detained nearly 22 000 textile products, shoes, slippers with of logo world famous brands.
In compliance with EU Regulation No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Law on Brands and Geographic Indications, the products were seized and the rights owners of the relevant brands will be informed about the seizure.