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Information about the bank accounts of National Customs Agency Bulgaria 




Since 01.01.2022 the National Customs Agency has opened two new single accounts for payment of public receivables in BNB – one account for payments of debts under the customs legislation, fines and penalties,  and one account for payment of debts under the excise legislation. The use of the current revenue accounts in the central budget of the National Customs Agency in the trade banks will be terminated as of the same date.


 The requirement for entering the various codes for the different types of payment in the payment documents, with which the economic operators and the citizens transfer the amounts to pay off their public receivables, shall drop off.


In order to make transfers to the accounts, ‘Payment order/deposit slip for payment from/to the budget‘ (the payment document on p.2.4. of the BNB Instruction “For drawing-up of payment documents to Ordinance No3 of BNB/2016*) shall apply.

The requisite for identification of the obligated person – „ЕИК/code under BULSTAT”, „ЕГН of the obligated person” and „ЛНЧ of the obligated person ”, are mandatory to fill in. In the requisite  "Type of payment" (to the account of the beneficiary) code 808080 shall be obligatorily filled in.

In the requisite “Beneficiary’ shall be filled in: National Customs Agency


The updated list of the accounts as from 01.01.2022:


IBAN BG80 BNBG 9661 8000 1222 01 - for proceeds from customs duties, VAT and excise at imports, fines, penalties and penalty interests


IBAN BG53 BNBG 9661 8000 1222 02 - for proceeds from excise duty at transactions in the country and the penalty interests related thereto.



List of the accumulation accounts of the customs offices – National Customs Agency (in leva)


On the accumulation accounts are entered: :
- Guarantees for participation in PPA procedures; 
- Guarantee for implementation of concluded agreements; 
- Security deposits, pursuant to Art. 77 of CSA;
- Securities(guarantees) on transit procedure;
- Securities (guarantees) on regime ‘Excise Duty suspension arrangement’;
- Deposits/Securities on customs regimes , including special regimes other than transit
- Deposits for participation in public tenders;
- Deposits regarding fines under PC;
- Fees under Tariff under Art. 12 of the Customs Act;
- Cash guarantees on pre-trial proceedings;
- toll fees .

 An opportunity is provided to pay debts under the customs and excise legislation by means of a virtual PoS terminal in the E-portal of the National Customs Agency. The option is accessible for registered users.

Payments can be made with




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