On 7th July the Bulgarian Customs Administration marks National Customs Day

On 7th July 2022 the Bulgarian Customs Administration celebrates its professional day. On this date in 1879 the first customs houses were created after the Liberation. For seventh year,  7th July is marked as an official professional day of the customs official, defined with Decision No. 685/10.09.2015 of the Council of Ministers.

The day 7th July is part of the institutional memory of the Bulgarian Customs Administration. On 7th July 1879 with Decree No.2 of prince Alexander I Battenberg were established the customs houses and customs points of the Principality of Bulgaria. It was written in the Decree, that the main task of the newly-created institution is ‘to protect the interests of the principality’. This managerial act happened immediately after the appointment of the first post-liberation government with Decree No.1 of 5th July.
Right after the Liberation, in the customs worked Zahari Stoyanov and Nikola Obretenov. The writer and public figure Mihalaki Georgiev organized the acceptance and management of Vidin Customs House, and later he also became auditor general of customs – a responsible position to the Ministry of Finance. The revolutionary Georgi Hadji Denkov was the first manager of Svishtov Customs House. The first woman in the Sofia Customs House started work in 1948.

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Publish date: 07 July 2023 09:01
Last updated: 07 July 2023 09:01