Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP seized smuggled dental anesthetics

Customs officers from Directorate General ‘Customs Intelligence and Investigation’ /DG CII) detected 280 smuggled ampoules with dental anesthetics during the inspection of a passenger car with a Bulgarian registration at the Malko Tarnovo BCP. The car arrived at the Malko Tarnovo BCP on 24.06.2019, at 16.00, from Turkey to Bulgaria. The vehicle has been selected for a thorough customs check by customs officers from DG CII. During the inspection in a plastic box in the luggage compartment of the car were found 14 packs in Turkish, with a total of 280 ampoules of drug substance labeled "Jetokain"- solution for injection used for anesthesia in dentistry. It was found that the medicinal product is the property of the Bulgarian citizen driving the car. An act of violation of the Customs Act has been issued.

Seven similar attempts for smuggled imports of medicines and medical devices have been revealed by customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP since the beginning of the year. 130 contraband dental accessories,48 tablets of different medicines, 20 injections - pens with growth hormone "Genotropin", as well as 261 packs of different veterinary medicines were seized.

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