Annex No. 2 to Art. 20, p.1

INQUIRY CARD for studying of the opinion of the users regarding the administrative services
1. On what occasion did you use an administrative service of the National Customs Agency?
On another occasion……………………………………….. (please,describe)
2. How did you request the administrative service you used?
3. Please, indicate in which way did you receive information about the services, provided by the National Customs Agency
4. Do you think your access to us was easy and convenient?
5. To what extent are you satisfied with the speed of service?
6. How do you evaluate the attitude of the customs officers to the users of administrative services?
If you are not satisfied with the service, please, indicate the unit, in which the official to whom you have comments on works?
7. In what term was the administrative service requested by you performed?
8. When requested, do you receive information about the stage of implementation of the requested administrative service in due time?
9. How do you evaluate your satisfaction from the provision of administrative services?
10. Which aspect of the administrative services do you think needs improvement most?
Suggestions and recommendations