Pavel Tonev
Director General




Born on 23 November 1966 in Plovdiv.

Master Degree in accounting and auditing from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia and

Master Degree in Law from the University “St.St. Cyril and Methody” of Veliko Tarnovo 

He possesses extensive experience in the customs administration. During the period August 1991 – December 2002 he filled consecutively various positions as Customs inspector, Chief customs inspector, Head of unit, Deputy Head of Customs House, Head of Customs House and the highest being Director of the Plovdiv Regional Customs Directorate (2002 – 2009).

Mr. Pavel Tonev was appointed as Director General of the National Customs Agency since November 2013 until August 2014.

Until his current appointment as Director General he practiced consultancy activities in the field of the customs and excise legislation.

          Functions of the Director General

The National Customs Agency (NCA) is managed and represented by a NCA Director General (DG). In performing his or her functions, the NCA DG is assisted by three NCA Deputy DGs. The Director General shall delegate powers to the NCA Deputy Directors with an order and shall define their functions.The functions of the NCA Director General, when absent or on its paid annual leave, shall be performed by a NCA Deputy Director designated with its order on case-by-case basis.  The Director General of the NCA shall:

  • Represent the Agency;
  • Exercise management and control on the performance of its functions and tasks;
  • Run directly the activity of the Central Customs Directorate;
  • Plan, distribute and administer the utilization of the Agency's budgetary allocations provided;
  • Appoint the civil servants, amend and terminate the service relationships with them;
  • Coordinated with the Minister of Finance, shall appoint and release from duty the directors general of the general directorates, the directors of directorates in the specialised administration in the NCA and the directors of the territorial directorates
  • Sign, amend and terminate the labour contracts with the persons, working in the Agency under labour relationship;
  • Define the workplace of the NCA officials;
  • Grant leaves and deploy NCA officials to business trips;
  • Endorse rules for organization of the activity, internal order, salary and bonuses within the NCA;
  • Endorse the NCA establishment plan;
  • Endorse the job functional specifications for the individual structural units in the Agency;
  • Define the job positions for which carrying of service weapons is compulsory;
  • Define the special-purpose vehicles;
  • Issue certificates for completed professional qualification improvement course to the officials in the customs administration; 
  • Issue penal orders in the cases, stipulated by law;
  • Issue individual administrative acts within the NCA DG powers;
  • Propose measures to define customs policies to the Minister of Finance or to a Deputy Minister, designated by the minister;
  • Propose the  signing of international agreements and joining international conventions in the field of customs to the Minister of Finance or to a Deputy Minister, designated by the minister;
  • Cooperate with other bodies on the definition, execution and control of the activities, relating to customs issues;
  • Exercise the powers under Art. 7 and 7a of the Ordinance on Border-Crossing Points, adopted with CoM Decree No. 104 of 2002 (promulg., SG, issue 54 of 2002, amended and suppl., issue 24 and 86 of 2004, issue 90 and 96 of 2005, issue 85 and 106 of 2006, issue 79 of 2008, issue 14 and 100 of 2009 and issue 22 and 61 of 2010);
  • (Previous p. 20 – SG, issue 64 оf 2015) Perform other duties, as assigned by law or other administrative acts.


Deputy Director General


Lachezar Krastev

Deputy Director General


Pavel Gerenski

Deputy Director General


Rumen Danev


Deputy Director General


Functions of the Deputy Directors General

While performing his functions, the NCA Director General shall be assisted by NCA Deputy Directors General.
The NCA DG shall delegate powers to the NCA Deputy Directors General with an order and shall define their functions.
The functions of the NCA Director General, when absent or on its paid annual leave, shall be performed by a NCA Deputy Director General, designated with its order on case-by-case basis.  



Secretary General  


Irena Stamenova

Secretary General  


Functions of the Secretary General  

The administrative management of the National Customs Agency (NCA) is carried out by a Secretary General (SG).
The SG manages, coordinates and controls the work of the activity of the administration in line with the legal directions of the NCA Director General (DG) to ensure compliance with the normative acts. The SG shall:
•    Organizationally connect the NCA DG and the administrative units within the NCA as well as the administrative units themselves;
•    Organize the distribution of tasks among the NCA administrative units;  
•    Make sure the conditions for normal and efficient operation of the NCA units are in place;
•    Control the execution of the tasks, assigned to the administration;
•    Control and be responsible for the processing of documents, their archiving and storage;
•    Endorse internal rules for administrative services;
•    Control the performance of tasks, related to the defence-mobilisation preparation and wartime planning;
•    Endorse the job descriptions of the NCA officials;
•    Perform other duties, as assigned by the NCA Director General.