Territorial Directorates

The Territorial Directorate is an administrative unit in the structure of the Agency.
The Director of the Territorial Directorate is a tertiary budget spending unit with the Minister of Finance.
The Territorial Directorate is structured in a territorial administration, customs offices and/or customs points
The structure and numbers of staff in the Territorial Directorate, the customs offices and the customs points shall be defined with an order of the Director General.
The Territorial Directorate shall organise, manage, control and report the activity of the customs offices and customs points, included in the structure of the Territorial Directorate, shall carry out legally defined activities, and shall provide the information services to the Central Customs Directorate.
The Territorial Directorate is organised in general and specialised administration. The general and specialised administrations in the territorial administration are organised in departments.
In the specialised administration of the territorial directorates may be organised ‘Customs Laboratory’ departments which examine, analyse and identify goods:
1. for the purposes of customs supervision and control; for the needs of classifying goods under the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union; for the implementation of the EU Common Agriculture Policy measures;
2. for the purposes of charging with excise duty.
The activity in the customs offices and customs points shall be carried out by specialised administration officials.

The Territorial Directorate shall be managed and represented by a Director, appointed by the Director General, in coordination with the Minister of Finance, without applying Art. 10, para 12 of the Customs Act.
 In performing its powers, the Director shall be assisted by Deputy Directors.  
The Director of the Territorial Directorate shall delegate with an order powers to the Deputy Directors of the territorial directorates and shall define their functions.
The functions of the Director, when absent or on its annual paid leave, shall be performed by a Deputy Director or another official, designated with an order by the Director General.

The Director of the Territorial Directorate shall:
1. Manage, organize, coordinate and control the performance of the entire activity of the territorial directorate, as well as its relationships with the other administrative units in the Agency and with other bodies and organisations;
2. Be responsible for conducting the NCA policy and for observing the obligatory guidelines of the NCA management in the whole activity of the territorial directorate;
3. Represent the territorial directorate;
4. Manage directly the activity of the territorial directorate;
5. Monitor the correct and efficient application of legal acts in the activity of the territorial directorate;
6. Plan, distribute and control the spending of budgetary resources, allocated to the territorial directorate;
7. Organise the management of the property, provided to the territorial directorate;
8. Conclude contracts, related to the implementation of the activity of the territorial directorate;
9. Issue individual administrative acts within its powers;  
10. Exercise control in respect to observation of professional and labour discipline;
11. Make proposals for conducting of competitions under the Civil Service Act and the Labour Code, competitive selections and changes in the structure and number of staff in the territorial directorate;
12. Control and coordinate the activity within the territorial directorate on issues related to the traditional own resources;
13. Participate directly in the preparation of verifications of the European Commission services on traditional own resources on the territory of the territorial directorate;
14. Till the end of the current month, endorse and send to the Director General the shift schedules with shift (unit) composition, the job titles and their duties reflected;  
15. Manage, organise and control the activities on classified information protection, disaster or any other emergency protection and defense and mobilisation preparation;
16. Perform also other functions, assigned to it with a legal act or with an act of the Director General.

The customs office and the customs point shall be managed and represented by a head.
The functions of the head of the customs office or of the customs point in its absence shall be executed by an official designated by the director of the territorial directorate

The officials in the Territorial Directorate shall:  
1. Carry out and implement the policy of the Agency at territorial level;
2. Perform customs supervision and control over the import, export and transit of goods to, from and across the Republic of Bulgaria and their customs clearance on the territory of the country;
3. Carry out specific actions, such as controls on goods, on transportation-, commercial, accounting etc. documents of physical and legal persons, on means of transport, luggage and other consignments and goods, carried across the state border, and other similar actions to ensure the observation of the customs legislation and of the other normative acts applicable to the goods under customs supervision;
4. Collect customs duties and other state receivables;
5. Apply administrative-penal provisions;
6. Carry out checks within the post-clearance control;
7. Administer and carry out activities related to the application of the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act, perform operational control over the production, storage, security, movement and placing on the market of excise goods, carry out controls on the observation of the excise legislation and audits on establishment of the excise obligations;
8. Analyse the information related to the application of the customs and excise legislation, as well as the information on performing of operational and post-clearance control under the customs and excise legislation;
9. Carry out control over the tolls and vignettes and permissive regimes for international transportations within the competencies, laid down in normative acts;
10. Carry out control on observing the currency legislation within the powers granted;
11. Administer and assist the investigative activity, carried under the Penal Procedure Code;
12. Elaborate statistical analyses and prognoses on the activity of the territorial directorate
13. Administer the process of issuance of EORI numbers;
14. Provide legal services and litigation;
15. Administer HR organisation and management activities;
16. Organise the activity on the application of the normative acts on providing health and safety work conditions;
17. Provide financial and accounting services and logistical supply;
18. Be responsible for the correct use, holding and management of property;
19. Interact with the competent authorities and perform procedures related to the disposal of abandoned and forfeited to the state goods, under the terms provided for in the Customs Act and in the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act;
20. Organise and carry out the administrative services and filing activity;
21. Organise and perform the activity on the application of the classified information protection provisions;
22. Carry out also other activities, provided for in a normative act.

The National Customs Agency is structured in Central Customs Directorate (CCD) and in territorial directorates (TDs):

  •     Territorial Directorate (TD) Plovdiv Customs,
  •     Territorial Directorate (TD) Sofia Customs,
  •     Territorial Directorate (TD) Rousse Customs,
  •     Territorial Directorate (TD) Varna Customs,
  •     Territorial Directorate (TD) Bourgas Customs


Territorial Directorate (TD) Sofia Customs   

Territorial Directorate Sofia Customs  was created on 07.01.2019 г. with name Yugozapadna TD.
The territorial administration of TD Sofia Customs has its seat at: 84, Veslets Str. (near the Central Bus Station, the building of the former Stolichna Customs House)

TD Sofia Customs includes:

Territorial Administration of TD Sofia Customs              
Customs Bureau of Sofia Airport        
Customs Point of Sofia Airport  - passengers            
Customs Point of Sofia Airport   - cargo             
Customs Bureau of Botevgrad            
Customs Bureau of Dragoman            
Customs Bureau of Pernik             
Customs Bureau of Sofia Zapad (west)             
Customs Bureau of Sofia Iztok (east)            
Customs Point of Kalotina             
Customs Point of Strezimirovtsi             
Customs Bureau Balgarski razmenno-sortirovachen centar             
Customs Bureau of Slatina            
Customs Bureau of Blagoevgrad        
Customs Bureau of Gotse Delchev             
Customs Bureau of Kulata             
Customs Bureau of Kyustendil             
Customs Point of Gyeshevo             
Customs Point of Zlatarevo             
Customs Point of Logodazh             
Customs Point of Oltomantsi             




Territorial Directorate (TD) Plovdiv Customs

Territorial Directorate Plovdiv Customs (former name Trakiyska TD) and its territorial administration has its seat at the adress: city of Plovdiv, 32,‘Kouklensko Shosse’ Str. , p.o.b. 4004

Territorial administration of TD Plovdiv Customs            

Customs Bureau of Kazanlak             
Customs Point Plovdiv Airport             
Customs Bureau of Pazardjik             
Customs Bureau of Svobodna Zona Plovdiv (Plovdiv Free Zone)             
Customs Bureau of Smolyan             
Customs Bureau of Karlovo             
Customs Bureau of Stara Zagora            
Customs Bureau Plovdiv
Customs Bureau of Svilengrad             
Customs Bureau of Kardjali             
Customs Bureau of Haskovo

Customs Bureau Intermodalen terminal




Territorial Directorate (TD) Bourgas Customs

The Territorial Administration of Territorial Directorate Bourgas Customs  has its seat in Bourgas (city of Bourgas, 1, Batemberg Square).


Territorial Directorate Bourgas Customs  comprises the following offices:

Territorial administration of TD Bourgas Customs
Customs Point of Bourgas Airport             
Customs Point of Malko Tarnovo             
Customs Bureau of Neftohimicheski kombinat             
Customs Point of Port Bourgas Centre             
Customs Bureau Svobodna zona Bourgas (Free zone Bourgas)             
Customs Bureau of Sliven             
Customs Bureau of Yambol             
Customs Point of Lessovo             
Customs Point of Tsarevo             
Customs Point of Neftopristanishte             
Customs Point of Svilengrad Railway Station            
Customs Point of Kapitan Andreevo




Territorial Directorate (TD) Varna Customs

Territorial Directorate Varna Customs comprises the territory of TD Severna Morska. The Territorial Administration of Territorial Directorate Varna Customs  has its seat in Varna (city of Varna, 2, Slaveykov Square).

Territorial Directorate Varna Customs includes the following offices:
Territorial Administration of TD Varna Customs
Customs Point of Varna Zapad (west)             
Customs Point of Varna Airport             
Customs Point of Varna Port             
Customs Point of Lesport Port             
Customs Point of Varna-ferry             
Customs Bureau of Shoumen             
Customs Bureau of Dobrich             
Customs Point of Balchik             




Territorial Directorate (TD) Rousse Customs


Territorial Directorate Rousse Customs comprises the territory of three of the Customs Houses - Rousse, Svishtov and Lom, closed down on 07.01.2019. the first name of Territorial Directorate was Dunavska TD. The Territorial Administration of Rousse Customs House  Territorial Directorate has its seat in Rousse (city of Rousse, 117, Lipnik Blvd., the building of the former Rousse Territorial Customs Administration).

Territorial Directorate Rousse Customs includes the following customs offices:
Territorial Administration of TD Rousse Customs
Customs Bureau of Vidin  
Customs Bureau of Vratsa  
Customs Bureau of Gabrovo  
Customs Bureau of Lovech  
Customs Bureau of Montana  
Customs Bureau of Pleven  
Customs Bureau of Razgrad  
Customs Bureau of Sevlievo  
Customs Bureau of Troyan  
Customs Bureau of Targovishte  
Customs Point of Bregovo  
Customs Point of Vrashka chouka  
Customs Point of Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport  
Customs Point of Oriahovo  
Customs Point of Lom Port  
Customs Point of Rousse Port  
Customs Point of Svishtov Port
Customs Point of Silistra  
Customs Point of Somovit




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