To protect the society, the environment and the economy of the country and of the EU, to ensure the uniform application of the rules on the EU external borders, to facilitate the international trade through smart and risk-based supervision on the global supply chains, to be pro-active and to work seamlessly with the interested parties, to commit to innovations and sustainable development – this is the role of the Bulgarian Customs Administration in the modern conditions of high degree of economic, health and social insecurity.




More efficient, more effective and modernized Bulgarian Customs Administration, functioning in an increasingly integrated way with the EU customs authorities, with greater interoperability between the customs and other border information systems; with sophisticated training system for customs officials.




Increasing the revenue in the state budget by efficient prevention and fight against customs and excise violations and offences. Encouragement of respecting the requirements of the customs and excise legislation

- implementation of efficient measures for counteraction of illegitimate practices of  customs authorities’ competence;

- preventing of opportunities for evasion and non-payment of taxes and fees by improving of legislation and exercising of a more efficient control;

- improving the efficiency upon counteraction of illegal activities, performed in internet, and creation of a coordinated approach to the control on e-commerce, including the postal and courier shipments;

- extension and modernization of the technical facilities for detection and research of goods and cargo, including by the efficient use of the opportunities of the Customs Control Equipment Instrument (CCEI).


Ensuring the growth and competitiveness of the national and European economy. Facilitation of trade by means of risk management

- improvement of the administrative services for businesses and citizens;

- prevention, detection and, within the Member States, investigation of and counteraction to the frauds and offences to the customs and excise legislation;

- ensuring the supply chain integrity for the international movement of goods;

- integrity in the activity of the administration, prevention of corrupt practices;

- creation of favourable conditions for development and facilitation of legitimate trade, including by taking advantage from  granting the status of an Authorized Economic Operator;

- enhancing the efficiency of risk management for the purposes of the fight against the terrorist and criminal activity, including against the unauthorized movement of goods subject to prohibitions and restrictions;

- implementation of modern methods for risk assessment and analysis in view of efficient counteraction to the customs and excise offences;  

- affirmation of the role of the National Customs Agency in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism by application of more efficient control on the cash, carried across the border of the country, and carrying out of in-depth analysis of the data, collected and exchanged in the course of the activities, performed by the customs authorities.


Protection of the citizens and the EU financial interests and its Member States

- implementation of efficient measures at the movement of goods subject to  prohibitions and restrictions, including control on the precursors for drug production; of goods, infringing Intellectual Property Rights and cash, as well as the implementation of measures for conservation and management of fishery resources and of trade policy measures;

- protection of the EU-based economic operators from unfair trade practices, related to: import of underpriced goods in Bulgaria and the EU; import duty evasion by means of incorrect tariff classification and/or origin of imported goods;

- efficient counteraction to the illegal trafficking in narcotic substances and weapons by using of modern technical detection and identification means in close cooperation with national and international law-enforcement authorities and organizations.


Ensuring the full functioning of the e-governance

- improvement of existing e-services and inclusion of new e-services for enhancing the efficiency of the administrative services;

- improvement of data exchange by enhancement of administrative e-services used by the National Customs Agency;

- improvement of the network and information security;

- optimization and providing of reliable, scalable and sustainable IT infrastructure;


Maintenance, development and strengthening the cooperation with the customs authorities of the EU Member States and third countries, with other national law-enforcement authorities, economic operators and the public

- cooperation with the customs administrations of the EU Member States and coordinated actions for protection of the financial interests of the Union, including cooperation with the competent authorities in the area of excise duties;

- cooperation with third countries for mutual administrative assistance in customs matters;

- cooperation with other national law-enforcement authorities and inter-institutional information exhange;

- improvement of cooperation mechanisms with the non-governmental organisations, citizens and businesses;

- administrative cooperation in respect to origin of goods with the customs authorities of the countries - partners to the EU Free Trade Agreements or with the competent authorities of countries, benefiting from unilateral tariff preferences, provided by the EU, on imports of goods.


Creation of capacity and provision of training, meeting the European standards, in the context of the Strategic Customs Profession Competency Framework

- creation of capacity and improvement of the profile of the customs profession by attracting of competent candidates, and career development of officials in the customs administration;

- implementation of the Common EU Approach on Training in the Customs Area;

- implementation of the Annual Programme for Training of the Specialised Administration of the National Customs Agency.


Strategy of the Bulgarian National Customs Agency (2021-2024)

Strategy of the Bulgarian National Customs Agency (2018-2020)
Strategy of the Bulgarian National Customs Agency (2014-2017)


Other strategic documents

Charta of the EU Customs Administrations of the European Union

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